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May 31st, 2010

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10:29 am - Need help
I have always wanted to be a GM and I really like the amount of options that you get with BESM and played it at GEN con Indy years ago and loved it and liked when they changed it in third edition so it wasn't so easy to just be unstoppable.  I have the third edition book but am so overwhelmed that I have no idea how to use it correctily.  I can't even make my character right.  I wish there was an online character generater but if some people could help me step by step that would be great.  I have so many problems.  First I have no idea exactly how many character points I really need.  I started with the keeping it simple tips and used 350 having 7,5,6 as stats adding to 180 points and started to work on attributes.  I have a complicated character that has two alternate forms that do different things and I am regretting having to do something so complicated as my first time but I can't change my story at this point it is all based around this character.  So far I just don't know how to make things work the way I want.  I know not many people probably even have this book since I don't think it was sold but I could really use some help.  I just don't understand how the item or weapon thing works either and I thought a page said skills so I wrote a couple things from there in the skills section on my sheet then found that I hadn't reached the skills section yet.  I don't think things are arranged or explained as well as they could be.  Should I switch to the d20 version?  I don't have that book but I just don't know if I can figure all this stuff out.  should I try to remold it so it works for me, that might take a while but I am just so unsure and I don't have a ton of time to work on it since I have a three year old and a three month old.  Any help at all would be great.
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Date:May 31st, 2010 02:52 pm (UTC)
I'd be happy to help, and I do own the 3rd edition books, though I'd have to look them up and re-familiarize myself with them.

I didn't care much for the d20 version, myself, but your mileage may vary.
Date:June 2nd, 2010 01:55 pm (UTC)


I really appreciate that you can help. I don't know how well it will work without being able to talk in person but I will try. So far I gave up on the weapon thing for now and am trying to look at defects for the character. That shouldn't be too hard but I still need to figure out combat values and such for her and her alternate forms. I will try to give you a rundown of my attributes and such and see what you think next time. It is pretty complicated so be ready for that.
Date:June 4th, 2010 04:21 pm (UTC)

here is my character so far

This is a lot of info so I hope this mail program can handle it all, it took me a while to type it all and if you have any questions please tell me.

Jacklyn Gaia Monroe
Concept- Years ago there was a powerful semi-goddess of chaos called the Dark Lady or sometimes Darkstar. She wanted to rule the whole world and loved to watch people bow in fear and awe at her feet. She had a mate and they “loved” each other, it really was more like they liked possessing each other than real love but they shared in their conquests and treasures and reveled in the worship and fear they caused. They were both cruel and violent and the people begged the gods for help. Her mate wasn’t as powerful as she and feared being destroyed so he left her and ran. The gods pooled their power and managed to seal her by splitting her into three parts. Her soul, her magic, and her fighting ability. Her soul was reborn on our earth as a normal girl but later she is transported to Gavilla where her past self used to rule. It is hundreds of years later so not many people remember her clearly but she actually looks just like she did before but now she has violet eyes instead of red. As soon as she reaches Gavilla she starts to have nightmares and see her past self and more and more this past personality tries to take her over but can’t. Jacky finds a sword though which contains a part of her soul, her fighting ability and sometimes this enables her other personality to take over or it might just give her better fighting ability. Later she finds a ring and it is her stored magic but instead of going away when it is removed like the sword all the magic enters her permanently. Although to begin with her alternate personality is unable to use the magic, it is blocked for some reason so only Jacky can use it although it is very powerful and hard to control and sometimes unpredictable. Her alternate personality now that it was released somewhat by the sword is occasionally able to take over the body and others know it is her by the eyes changing to a red color. This personality’s main power is that she is not only an excellent fighter but she can also turn into a full demon with scales and wings.
So basically I need three sets of stats, one normal and one slightly improved, and one demonic set of stats and attributes and such. I also need to create the sword which can cause almost lethal damage to anyone other than Jacky who tries to pick it up. It mainly helps improve fighting ability but it also affects the probability of her changing which she would want to avoid because her other self might kill someone she cares about. At the same time in desperate situations she would be forced to use it she would have about a fifty percent chance to change.
Her normal form is pretty basic fighter she isn’t hugely skilled in any area since she is new to this whole thing and just started learning but she has good instincts. She also has access to the unreliable magic as I mentioned before.
Her other personality shows when she is highly emotional or if the sword causes her to change. She has red eyes and personality and skills are better and more highly developed plus she can change into the third form of the demon.
The demon has hard scaled skin and huge bat like wings and this would mean she can now fly and has better natural armor and strength.
So this is what I am trying to achieve with my character but it was hard to figure out how to use the attributes and skills and such to achieve this. I will tell you what I have done and see what you think and if you think there are better ways to achieve what I want.

I have to split up my post since it is too long.
Date:June 4th, 2010 04:22 pm (UTC)
Body- 6, mind, 5, soul 7 - regular stats
6, 8 – alternate form one
9, 7, 9 – alternate form two (demonic)
I did this hoping to show the changes in her as she changed and I think it works ok. Here are the list of attributes and their restrictions as I tried to create them. Originally these were in tables but I couldn't copy it in her for some reason I hope you can read it. If you can't I can sent it via my email as an attachment. The three numbers in a row are cost, level, and total cost

Alternate form 1 +10 character points per level
(enhanced human +180 character points) 9 18 162
Heightened senses +1 bonus per level (body or mind) 2 8 16
Massive damage Unlimited, =1 damage per level
(start with five) =6?) 10 1 10
Sixth sense +1 sixth sense per level 2 4 8
Melee attack +1 attack per level 3 +3 9
Special move Cat like move, fast progression ½ damage from
falls 2 2 4
Emotional Alternate form can be activated by extreme
emotion -2 1 -2
Dependent Alternate form is dependent on sword or
emotion -1 1 -1
Unpredictable Roll to avoid change have target for roll (this changed slightly from book unsure on how to use) -2 1 -2

Alt form stat cost +1 mind +1 soul 10 2 20
Alt form 2 117
Total of attributes and restrictions for alt form
1 (target 180) 179
So for the first alternate form I have one extra point but I don’t know if that matters and Alternate form is bought with alt one’s character points
Date:June 4th, 2010 04:23 pm (UTC)
Alternate form 2 +10 character points per level
(demonic form +130 character points) 9 +13 117
Armor +2 armor rating per level stops 14-16 damage
(scales) 2 8 16
Flight 10 KPH per level (50 Kph) 8 +2 16
Melee attack 3 +5 15
Detectable Emanates dark energy -2 1 -2
Unpredictable Roll to change -2 1 -2
Dependent Alternate form 2 needs alternate form one
before it can be activated -1 1 -1
Alt form stat increase another +3 to body, +1 to mind,
+1 to soul total increase now is 9 body, 7 mind, 9 soul 10 5 50
Total of alt form 2 (target 130) 128

The second one is two less than the character points I have available. Next I will list the cp’s and costs of the regular form.
Date:June 4th, 2010 04:24 pm (UTC)
Alt form 1 162
Amour +2 armor rating per level
(6-8 dam leather armor) 2 4 8
Mind shield +1 to resist mind stat rolls
+10 to mind variable 2 10 20
Melee attack 3 3 9
Healing +10 returned health points per level 4 5 20
Skills specialization
Medical Emergency response 2 1 2
Swimming Competitive (speed = ?) 1 1 1
total 222

Now all this works out ok but it is hard to figure out combat rating and damage and such then I still have to worry about her weapons. She has two swords. One is a normal sword and the other is the special sword that I already mentioned. I started trying to follow the item suggestions listing the attributes and defects to try to find the cost but then couldn’t figure out either how things added up in terms of weapon damage and weapon attack. I also need to make her spells and my hubby says that since neither of her alternate forms can use magic that they would receive those extra character points. I am not sure how that works either. So any pointers on what I have so far would be helpful. I also still need defects and will add those next time I can.
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