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January 24th, 2005

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01:45 pm
Hello I am new to besm, but not to the whole Pen & paper RPG. Right now me and my friend are the current GM. right now me and my friend are doing his game, but soon were going to do mine as well.

My ideas for this game is were me and my friends play as ourselves who are warp to several different anime shows, past games, and other places. the way I’m setting it up is, every one ability stats start at 10 and they have only 7 character points to put them in were they think it accurately portrays them (one point = one point). Then each person gets only 5 defects and only if they are true to that person. Then with the character points they get from the defects they get to use on ability at they as humans can do (no invisibility, OBM, wall jump, ext). I gave every on 2 feats, and I had everyone add 2 to their int & times that by 4 to get there skill points, and I had them roll a d4+1 for combat skill + background points (the amount of point was determine on how long I know that person 1 to 4) the reason I’m doing a game like this is because in my friend game several people are too over powering at first level. One example is “Bob” (my friend has a hard time coming up with names). He is a dynamic sorcerer who can cast several 9th level spell and still have energy to spare. So the idea in my game is to have people think before they act or react to something, after all they’re only human.
The way Lv up works is once the get enough exp to turn leave 2 then they can chooses a class from the book, but that depends on we’re there at.

i would like to resive feedback and ideas, thanks
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Date:January 24th, 2005 10:01 pm (UTC)
First of all, you might want to indicate you mean d20 BESM and not Tristat BESM. I figured that out when you mentioned setting stats at 10 (a 10 in Tristat is near perfect).

May I ask why you decided to randomiize the combat skills and background points?

I don't think I would like playing myself (partially because I'd feel weird giving myself anything more than a 10-12 in anything but intelligence, and I KNOW my physical stats would be 8 or less and partially because I roleplay to pretend to be someone who is not me) but to each his own.
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Date:January 24th, 2005 11:26 pm (UTC)
I wanted to do a game were the common person is the hero, not some one who can jump 50 ft in the air, OBM, and all those super human abilities. Eventually they will learn that all this abilities were asleep inside of them and they will eventually be able to select them. You said your STR would be an 8, which is ok in my game, because it not going to be a hack and slash all the time, it’s going to be a more Role playing. Your brain is going to be one of your most powerful weapons you have. Well to me STR isn’t every thing in any game; there are other ways to beat a foe or a dilemma. Plus I told my friends and they thought it was a cool idea. To them playing as yourself seeing what would happen if you do something in this world were it would be illegal of impossible? In most anime the there main character is learning about their new power or skill, making mistakes and learning from it. Aka Sailor moon, Samurai X, Gundam. Serena, Kenshin and Amuero had to start some were, that is what I want to do.
Hello I am new to besm, but not to the whole Pen & paper RPG. Right… - Big Eyes, Small Mouth community

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